Direct Store Delivery SBT

Nexxus, the Scan Based Trading expert, provides 90 retailers at more than 65,000 retailer doors with a turnkey SBT solution for many Direct Store Delivery (DSD) and warehouse products.

The Nexxus Pub Hub

Nexxus, the Scan Based Trading expert, provides 90 retailers at more than 65,000 retailer doors with a turnkey SBT solution for newspapers, magazines and maps.

What is Scan Based Trading?

Scan-based trading allows suppliers of goods and products to maintain ownership of inventory until the items are scanned at point of sale. Join with the SBT experts at The Nexxus Group.

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NexxHub™ by The Nexxus Group: Your Gateway to Scan Based Trading Efficiency


The Nexxus Group® has helped leading retailers and distributors as a premier provider of Scan Based Trading (SBT) solutions for retailers and vendors since 2003. Now our NexxHub™ online platform gives you state-of-the-art features and analysis to manage your SBT business, enhancing our industry standard SBT services for a network of 65,000 retail locations and more than 6,000 distributors and manufacturers in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Scan Based Trading enables vendors to maintain ownership of inventory housed at retailers’ stores or warehouses until those items are scanned at point of sale. Benefits include reduced invoice discrepancies, improved data management, tighter shrink control, enhanced vendor-retailer relationships, increased sales, lower inventory cost, shorter time to market and greater customer satisfaction.

Our multi-faceted suite of solutions includes electronic data exchange, sales and margin reporting, consolidated billing and price book management. Our clients can expect more efficient and effective product category management while enjoying increased sales and lowered supply chain costs.

We deliver innovative, cost effective SBT solutions for the Number One market leaders in grocery, mass merchant, drug, convenience, discount and coffee as well as national CPG suppliers. We support retailers and manufacturing partners in categories such as Bakery, Dairy, Propane, Flowers, Books, DVDs, Snacks, Novelties, Magazines and Newspapers.

So ask how we can help. We will identify your challenges by talking with you and, as an experienced intermediary connecting vendors and retailers, will tailor a program addressing your specific needs.

At The Nexxus Group®, we will be “ON-IT” for you every step of the way.

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