The Nexxus Pub Hub

World Class SBT Publication Solution:

img02Nexxus provides more than 90 retailers in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, at 71,000 retailer doors, with a turnkey Scan Based Trading solution for newspapers, magazines and maps.

Nexxus Pub Hub consolidates publication vendors under the Nexxus vendor number and allows retailers to more effectively and efficiently manage the publications category. The Nexxus Pub Hub solution provides significant ROI to retailers by eliminating in-store product check-in, countless weekly payments to vendors and the need for dedicated customer service personnel to respond to publication issues from both stores and suppliers.

The Nexxus Pub Hub solution truly does it all. Participating retailers have collectively saved millions of dollars and countless headaches.

Retailer Efficiencies:

  • Payment on scanned sales only
  • Check-in/check-out requirements eliminated
  • Draw/return and crediting eliminated
  • EDI data exchange
  • One weekly payment to Nexxus
  • Centralized point of contact for publication issues for stores and publication vendors
  • Price Book Management
  • Sophisticated category, benchmarking, margin and sales reporting
  • Dedicated customer service team to handle price changes, store requests, delivery issues and audits

Publisher/Distributor Efficiencies:

  • Sales data visibility with online access broken down by store/day/week/publication
  • Ability to export sales data
  • Available data transfer
  • Consistent and timely payments
  • Detailed online check reporting
  • Single point of contact to assist with price changes, store requests and store issues
  • Audit program identifies and remedies discrepancies
  • Route savings