Generic3Customer Specific Solutions

The Nexxus Group® suite of standardized reporting tools provides you with the expertise to simplify your category needs, wherever and whatever they may be.

  • CUSTOM REPORTING: Our programs are tailored to your specific markets and needs.
  • DETAILED CATEGORY ANALYSIS:  We will identify your top sellers at each location and re-examine the need for products that are not doing well.
  • SKU OPTIMIZAZATION: We will help to reduce or eliminate excess inventory and shorten delivery lead times by determining when and how much of a specific item you need.
  • WORLD-CLASS NEWSPAPER SBT PROGRAM: We maintain relationships with more than 6,000 publishers and distributors in this category alone.

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Customized Reporting

Tell us what is important and we will provide the data and the tools to create the category visibility you desire.

  • CATEGORY PERFORMANCE REPORTS: We provide targeted analysis of your top performers as well as your weak sellers.
  • PROFIT ANALYSIS: Reduce the cost of inventory, improve your sales and watch your margins grow.
  • SPACE PLANNING: Provide suppliers with dedicated space and reduces inventory overages.
  • INVENTORY REPORTING: Identify areas of strength and those that require specific attention, category by category.

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Dedicated Customer Service Team

We embrace our commitment to provide the very best service to our client partners. As a 100 percent turnkey solutions provider we are with you every step of the way.

  • SPECIALIZED SUPPLY CHAIN AUDITS: Use our tools to develop “Just In Time” delivery strategies.
  • PROGRAM PROCESS STANDARDS MONITORING: We’ll help you target areas to capitalize on operational efficiencies.
  • EXPERIENCED MANAGEMENT TEAM Our management team provides you with more than 70 years of industry-related experience.

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Category Optimization

We are committed to growing with you and will provide you with the resources to sustain that growth.

  • REDUCED STORE LABOR: By having suppliers stock dedicated space, your staff will be free to focus on the things they do best.
  • SIMPLIFIED ACCOUNTS PAYABLE: Scanned point of sale information generates payment from the retailer to the supplier.
  • STREAMLINED BILLING PROCESSES: We provide retailers with transfer of sales date and billing consolidation.
  • ONGOING AND DETAILED CATEGORY REVIEW: Our tools will provide detailed reports, key performance metrics, and 24/7 updates.

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