An Industry-Best Solution:

The Nexxus Group® provides more than 90 retailers in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico – at more than 71,000 retailer doors – with a turnkey Scan Based Trading (SBT) solution for many Direct Store Delivery (DSD) and warehouse products.

Retailers and vendors of ice cream, salty snacks, novelty items, beverages, propane and baked goods – to name a few – now utilize our SBT solution to increase sales, reduce out-of-stocks, and improve sales data visibility. The flexibility of our program gives global chains, national chains and smaller regional chains the ability to implement the solution across their store base. International conglomerates like Nestle as well as niche suppliers such as FIFO partner with Nexxus to participate in SBT programs with retailers.

By working with Nexxus, suppliers avoid the time-consuming process of obtaining vendor numbers, setting up EDI connections, and populating store lists and price books. The ability and interest to sell products via SBT provides willing suppliers a distinct advantage over those in traditional buy/sell arrangements. Implementation of the Nexxus SBT solution often leads to exclusive relationships with retailers.

Advantages for Retailers

  • Increased sales
  • Reduced inventory costs yield improved financial metrics
  • Check-in requirements eliminated
  • Price and SKU synchronization
  • Reduction of order processing and invoicing costs
  • Reduction of out of stock situations

Advantages for Suppliers/Vendors

  • Increased sales
  • Reduction of time to market
  • Check-in requirements eliminated
  • Enhanced route efficiencies
  • Realtime sales data by store by SKU by day
  • Improved merchandising
  • Inventory management
  • Reduction in invoicing and order discrepancies